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“One of my main responsibilities at Huth Thompson is to perform third party administrator work for qualified retirement plans. The administration and testing work that we perform for these plans ensures that they operate according to IRS guidelines. In addition to this work, I also prepare individual, corporate, partnership, and trust tax returns. I find the work interesting and challenging as there is always more to learn and there is a good deal of variety in the work that I do. One of the other nice things about working here is the fact that we have such a knowledgeable and experienced staff. If you ever have a question about a particular area of tax or accounting, you can always find someone with expertise in that area that can be of assistance. Everyone, including the partners and managers, are willing to help in this way.” ~James C., Senior Accountant~

“I began my career at Huth Thompson LLP in July of 1999. My responsibilities include managing audits, reviews and compilations along with various accounting, tax and consulting projects. I believe Huth Thompson LLP has been a great place for developing my professional skills due to the variety of clients I work with and the skilled and experienced co-workers I am able to interact with on a daily basis. This firm is also great on personal development in that the firm promotes family values and provides a great working atmosphere.” ~Kyle C., Manager~

"I started at Huth Thompson in July of 2006 after working in public accounting in Atlanta, Georgia for 14 years. I am a senior accountant in the Audit Department where I continue to expand my accounting knowledge base, as well as manage audit, review, compilation, and consulting engagements. Our firm serves a wide variety of local industries which range from small to mid-size companies. My niche is assisting nonprofit organizations with various accounting and auditing needs, and my role with our firm allows me to cultivate these relationships." ~Mindee P., Senior Accountant~

“I started at Huth Thompson in January of 2010 and worked as an intern until my graduation in May 2011 when I was hired on as a Staff Accountant. I was excited to be hired on as an intern with Huth Thompson because I knew that the large variety of work I was going to do and the people I was going to work with would help me develop the knowledge and gain the practical experience needed to become a better accountant. Now I am looking forward to continuing my professional development through working with the variety of clients, projects, and challenges that I see on a day-to-day basis." ~Ben W., Staff Accountant~

"My internship at Huth Thompson has been a great experience. As part of the Accounting and Audit department, I have been exposed to many different clients and services. I have learned a great deal about auditing and have been able to see the theory I learned in class put into practice. The staff are always willing to help and have made me feel like part of the team." ~Brittany G., Senior Accountant~

Entrepreneurs and small business owners with a vision for growth and an appreciation for the benefits of maintaining a relationship with one accounting-firm adviser, look to Huth Thompson to optimize their profitability, sustainability and personal wealth of ownership, long-term.

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What People are Saying

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